Community, support, and tools to thrive during and after the transition to civilian life

Free Online Mindfulness Training

eMindful is an online platform that promotes health, happiness, and performance by delivering evidence-based mindfulness programs that apply to everyday life, as well as healing from chronic conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression.

We’ve partnered with eMindful to offer a free, online mindfulness training called Journey Forward: The M.M.A.P. For Success (Military Mindfulness Action Practices). Based on 10+ years of helping tens of thousands of people become more focused and less stressed in everyday life, this popular program has been optimized to fit Veteran life. In shorter, more interactive sessions, veterans can connect with expert teachers and other veterans to develop the skills that improve health, happiness, and performance.

How to sign up

  1. Create an account on eMindful using our sign-up link
  2. Fill in your information and follow the steps to share more about your level of experience and intentions
  3. Once you’ve created your profile, select “programs” from the top menu
  4. Select “Journey Forward: The M.M.A.P. For Success”
  5. Select a date to register
  6. Fill out a pre-assessment

Download step-by-step instructions for registering online and setting up the eMindful app on your mobile device.

Learn to Meditate Video Series

Everyone’s talking about neuroplasticity, the ability to train and change your brain all the way down to the level of creating neural pathways and growing the prefrontal cortex. In this video series, led by former US Air Force pilot Mark Williams and physical conditioning expert and former powerlifting coach Bill Filter, you’ll learn the tools to upgrade your brain, the native “OS and hardware,” that you’re bringing to every moment in life.

This 14-part series systematically teaches you exercises that change your fundamental understanding of your mind, body, and nervous system. You’ll develop a toolbox that gives you the ability to control your mind and body for better living and enhanced performance – whether at work, at home or at play. Applying the tools of meditation means new choices come alive – no more living on autopilot and sighing wistfully as life passes you by. Give yourself the capacity to connect with others deeply and directly by uncovering who you really are.


Episode 1 | The Internal Selfie

Episode 2 | The Body Electric

Episode 3 | The Dimmer Switch

Episode 4 | Your Tool Box

Episode 5 | The Murky Depths

Episode 6 | Microtelescopic

Episode 7 | Splish Splash

Episode 8 | SMILEYmind

Episode 9 | Practice Perfect

Episode 10 | Everybody Everywhere Everytime

Episode 11 | Lose Your Training Wheels

Episode 12 | The Big Payback

Episode 13 | Joyful

Episode 14 | Balancing Act

Veteran’s PATH Podcast

Our podcast is hosted by Jon Macaskill, a Navy SEAL Commander turned Mindfulness Teacher. Find interviews with veterans, athletes, corporate leaders and many others who’ve overcome obstacles or adversity and found peace through the practices of meditation and mindfulness. Each individual is breaking down the stigma of pursuing mental health and making it a priority – improving and saving lives.

Explore the most recent episodes below, or click to listen to more than 60 episodes on Apple podcasts, Spotify or YouTube.

Hugo Gonzalez – blinded by an IED attack speaks about how Transcendental Meditation changed his life.

Rhonda Magee – law professor and mindfulness teacher speaks on how mindfulness can help to understand racial justice.

Randy Hoffman – USMC Force Recon Colonel speaks about struggle of coming home.

Rick Hanson – Mindfulness and Resilience expert speaks about how mindfulness can increase grit and positively influence our outlook.

Richard Miller – iRest founder speaks on meditation and nondualism.

June Moss – Army veteran discusses going from homeless single mother to thriving Veterans Affairs worker thanks to Veteran’s PATH and meditation.

Veteran Led Meditations

Join veteran leaders for short meditations and exercises that will support and ground you, whether you’re exploring meditation and mindfulness for the first time or have an established practice.

Matthew Kruse | Daily Mindful Moment

Ricky Delgado | Being in Our Bodies

Matt Huffman | Breathing Through Anxiety