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Neuroplasticity is the ability to train and change your brain – down to the level of creating new neural pathways – and scientific studies show that meditation directly impacts neuroplasticity. In this video series, led by former USAF pilot Mark Williams and physical conditioning expert and former powerlifting coach Bill Filter, you’ll learn the meditation tools to change your brain and discover a new way of living.

Gift yourself the capacity to recognize, reset and recover from life’s obstacles. This 14-part series systematically teaches you the meditation skills that impact the workings of your body, nervous system, and mind.

You’ll develop stress management tools, gain more control over mind and body, and learn the human essentials for better living and enhanced performance. Whether at work, at home or at play, applying the tools of meditation means new possibilities come alive – no more living on autopilot and feeling overwhelmed by every curveball that life can bring.

Learn to meditate. Uncover who you really are to connect deeply and directly with yourself and others.

Further below you can watch additional veteran-led meditations for veterans.

Episode 1 | The Internal Selfie
Episode 2 | The Body Electric
Episode 3 | The Dimmer Switch
Episode 4 | Your Tool Box
Episode 5 | The Murky Depths
Episode 6 | Microtelescopic
Episode 7 | Splish Splash
Episode 8 | SMILEYmind
Episode 9 | Practice Perfect
Episode 10 | Everybody Everywhere Everytime
Episode 11 | Lose Your Training Wheels
Episode 12 | The Big Payback
Episode 13 | Joyful
Episode 14 | Balancing Act

Veteran Led Meditations

Matthew Kruse | Daily Mindful Moment
Ricky Delgado | Being in Our Bodies
Matt Huffman | Breathing Through Anxiety

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