Infinite Hero Foundation and Veteran’s PATH Partnership

Infinite Hero Foundation and Veteran’s PATH Partnership

March 2, 2023

Veteran’s PATH is honored and excited to announce our newest partnership with the Infinite Hero Foundation! Together, we are working to deliver innovative and effective treatments for veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI, and other serious service related health challenges.

The 2023 IHF grant enables Veteran’s PATH to provide its veteran-specific meditation training program, AMP dojo, in support of veterans seeking to integrate their healing transformation after undergoing innovative psychedelic-assisted therapy (PAT).

This generous IHF sponsorship grant expands the reach of our AMP dojo meditation program to our largest group yet. It also supports the training of new veteran instructors and provides data to further validate the efficacy of our approach, with the ultimate goal of improving the everyday lives of participating veterans and their families.

IHF continues to be at the forefront of innovative treatments with its funding of Veterans PATH AMP dojo meditation program for PAT integration.

More details as we move ahead with this program!!!

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