A Mindfulness Program and Retreat for Women Veterans

For Too Many Veterans Being Brave Meant...

  • Not showing vulnerability, for fear we would be viewed as weak.
  • Not asking for help, for fear of losing the respect of our peers and our superiors.
  • Appearing stoic and invincible, for fear that our emotions or exhaustion would make us less valuable team members.

It’s time to redefine BRAVE. To reconnect with our own truth, and live our lives courageously. Allowing our whole selves to show up, and lead from our heart – the true source of our courage.

The BRAVE program honors what you are meeting in your life and teaches mindfulness-based tools, in community with other women veterans, that can help us all connect with our lives with authenticity and compassion. When we connect with our own experience and innate wisdom, we can also meet challenges with a sense of openness and curiosity. We can become aware of how our habits often keep us from true connection to ourselves and others. We can be supportive and supported at the same time. And we can have fun and joy in our lives, too!

As one of Veteran’s PATH’s flagship programs, we offer BRAVE annually while growing towards offering more programs each year. Spots are limited to allow space for connection individually and in small groups. The BRAVE program is absolutely FREE to veterans and offers:

  • Mindfulness and Meditation Tools to practice and integrate into your life
  • Creates community with other women veterans 
  • A four-month hybrid program also includes:
    • In-person 5-Day Retreat program,
    • Online practices sent via email each week,
    • Small groups and individual mentoring,
    • Ends in an additional 3-Day Retreat program,
    • Free meals and lodging for all in-person program events

How does BRAVE help veterans?

The BRAVE program by Veteran’s PATH is led by trained women veteran mentors and facilitators. It teaches women veterans mindfulness and meditation practices and focuses on the following pillars:

  • Meeting Our Lives with Curiosity and Compassion
  • Cultivating Responsiveness
  • Recognizing & Working with Stress in the Body
  • Strengthening Connections & Community

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BRAVE Program Reviews

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As a 30 year Army combat veteran, the Veteran’s PATH, BRAVE (Breathwork, Recalibration And Veteran Empowerment) Women’s Retreat provided me a safe place to begin my healing journey. The facilitators are all women, highly educated, trained facilitators, providing guidance and instruction in forming a foundation for mindfulness and meditation. Through these extraordinary women facilitators and fellow veteran sisters, it has helped me immensely to work through decades of issues that were created or exacerbated through my military service. The collegiality and time spent with like-minded women veterans, has created a family, a “band of sisters” to call upon for support as each of us work on our personal journey by utilizing the skills taught at this retreat.This would not be have been possible without Veteran’s Path!!
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I have participated in two separate events with Veterans’s path. The AMP program which meets once a week for 6 weeks online and the BRAVE in person retreat. Both programs have changed my life. I have met the most incredible women. They have become my lifelong sisters. I never thought I could be friends w fellow women veterans after everything that happened during military career. I learned that I wasn’t alone in feeling this. The tools that veterans path provides have helped me w my anxiety, ptsd, depression, sleep, overall health….even helping in my marriage and family. Through breath work I can feel actual changes for the better. I can actual sit and meditate for over 5 minutes sometimes and not to judge or shame myself. I would recommend any and all of the programs Veterans path has to offer to any veteran that’s struggling or wants to improve their quality of life, grow their support system w like minded people and create lifetime friendships and memories. Beyond grateful to this organization!!
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An amazing group that truly cares about female veterans! The BRAVE retreats are life changing and offer an opportunity to connect with other female veterans in a safe and supportive environment. Lifetime friendships are formed!
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The past three years tested my resilience and fighting spirit. While stationed at LRMC, for about 2 years, we were in restriction of movement, stopped all fitness testing, lost my dog who was my companion for 11 years, got COVID-19, and then my husband was diagnosed with advanced stage Rectal Cancer. Despite having overcome many challenges since a young age, this time it felt as my world was falling apart. I tried on my own to get into mindfulness and meditation but was not able to get my self to be in the present. During a casual conversation with other Army Nurses I was told of an upcoming class called “AMP” for Veteran Women. I signed for the class and it started me in a journey which started to create a sense of acceptance and internal peace despite all the external changes happening to me. The practice and feeling of peace and Serenity developed even stronger and further during my participation in the BRAVE Retreat. When first meeting all the Veteran Women participants, I was not sure how the next few days were going to evolve. Through the guidance of our facilitators and the beautiful surroundings with nature for the first time I was not only able to focus in the present but also to feel safe and be okay with looking at my past and start to used skills of meditation and mindfulness to face painful experiences from my past in an environment where I felt not only safe but also supported by many other women who themselves had to find their own paths... I am so much looking forward to the continuing journey with the Brave Program and the other wonderful programs offered through Veterans PATH... Grateful to Veterans PATH and BRAVE program and it’s wonderful leadership for helping me and many other Veterans find safe and healthy ways to face and express our pain and also to find joy in our daily life wherever we be at. Thank YOU! I am inspired to help other Veterans and future Veterans find the “PATH” that I found.

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Upcoming Events and Programs

All Veteran’s PATH events are free of charge and funded through public and private sector grants and through the generosity of our individual donors.

Dear Friends of Veteran’s PATH,

It is with heavy hearts that we must bid farewell to the formal operations of our nonprofit organization due to ongoing funding challenges. It has been our honor and privilege to serve each Veteran who has participated in our programs of mindfulness and meditation. We are grateful to each of you who has placed your trust and faith in our process. Together, we have formed a community with deep purpose, reflective healing, and eternal connection. May you all continue to find Peace, Acceptance, Transformation, and Honor in each moment of your life.

With gratitude and compassion,

The Veteran’s PATH Board of Directors

* If you are in need of services please visit Wounded Warrior Project or contact the WWP Resource Center: 888.997.2586.