BRAVE Breathing Recalibration and Veteran Empowerment Program

As United States military veterans, we know what it means to be Brave. Every one of us who put on a uniform has faced danger and endured pain, willing to place our lives on the line for our country and our fellow Americans.

Bravery sparks acts of heroism and can be a powerful force of good. But there is a side of being Brave in the military that not as many people talk about.

This September, join our Veteran’s PATH team for an exclusive 4-week meditation series. FREE program for women veterans.

Transforming the Status Quo

For too many veterans being
Brave meant…

  • Not showing vulnerability, for fear we would be viewed as weak.
  • Not asking for help, for fear of losing the respect of our peers and our superiors.
  • Appearing stoic and indefatigable, for fear that our emotions or exhaustion would make us less valuable team members.

And while serving in uniform brings honor and recognition, there is a hidden cost of being expected to be Brave all the time. Often the cost is our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

As women veterans, this cost can be especially high. For most women in the military, in order to survive and thrive in a hyper-masculine world, we had to abandon and suppress much of what makes us so powerful.

Retooling & Reinventing

Yes, we can do hard, scary things. AND we can equip ourselves with some kick-ass tools to ground ourselves before, regulate ourselves during, and recover fully afterward.

Yes, we can do hard, painful things. AND we can lean into the support of our fellow veterans, so that we don’t have to do them alone.

It’s time to redefine Brave. To take back what is ours, and live our lives courageously. Allowing our whole selves to show up, and lead from our heart.

Registration requires a commitment to all 4 sessions.

Spots are limited to provide space for connection, intimacy, and conversation. The BRAVE program is absolutely free to our registered attendees.

  • Session 1: Calibrate Your Internal Compass
    September 15, 5-6 pm EST/2-3 pm PST
  • Session 2: Activate Deep Recovery
    September 22, 5-6 pm EST/2-3 pm PST
  • Session 3: Recognize & Release Stress in the Body
    September 29, 5-6 pm EST/2-3 pm PST
  • Session 4: Reclaim Your Brave
    October 6, 5-6 pm EST/2-3 pm PST


Can you commit to attend all four BRAVE sessions?
Commitment to all four sessions is essential, unforeseen circumstances aside.
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