Accelerated Mind Performance™

Accelerated Mind Performance (AMP) Training™ was jointly developed by former F-15 pilot, Mark J. Williams, and physical conditioning expert and former powerlifting coach, Bill Filter. AMP combines meditation-based skills training with operational military experience to provide tools for developing and maintaining resilience, situational awareness and peak performance across the spectrum of human activity.

Simply put, whether optimizing for performance in combat or for situational awareness in intimate relationships, training directed at smoothly integrating the functioning of mind, body and spirit deeply transforms and uplevels the capacity of each and every human being.

OODA Loop AMP Training

Meditation has been researched for many years now but roughly speaking, here’s how it works: mindfulness techniques create changes in the brain that impact the way we think and behave. By developing skills that help us more effectively manage the sensations, feelings and emotions arising from the stresses of daily living we create, in the long term, the foundation for physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

AMP Training Venn

Whether at work, at home or at play, learning and applying the tools of meditation means new possibilities for wellness and performance. Let’s use John Boyd’s OODA Loop to understand why.

No more living on autopilot and feeling overwhelmed by every curveball that life can bring.

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