Veterans supporting veterans on the journey forward

Dear Friends of Veteran’s PATH,

It is with heavy hearts that we must bid farewell to the formal operations of our nonprofit organization due to ongoing funding challenges. It has been our honor and privilege to serve each Veteran who has participated in our programs of mindfulness and meditation. We are grateful to each of you who has placed your trust and faith in our process. Together, we have formed a community with deep purpose, reflective healing, and eternal connection. May you all continue to find Peace, Acceptance, Transformation, and Honor in each moment of your life.

With gratitude and compassion,

The Veteran’s PATH Board of Directors

* If you are in need of services please visit Wounded Warrior Project or contact the WWP Resource Center: 888.997.2586.

Together We...

Retrain and Reconnect

Healing the Spirit

"I left the military with an abundance of anger, despair, and resentment…Veteran’s PATH helped me shift my life into a direction of compassion, acceptance, and peace.”

Veterans Helping Veterans

Providing evidence-based meditation and mindfulness training for veterans at no cost. We leverage the AMP™ Framework developed and taught by veterans.

Our experienced teaching team consists of Veteran’s PATH trained veteran leaders from across the US military services and branches.

Use the Latest Tools in Mindfulness Training

Renewed Sense of Purpose

Sense of Purpose

We know that a renewed and durable sense of purpose and identity creates direction and gives us hope.


Train the Mind

Mindfulness training builds resilience, increases the ability to bounce back and improves lives. Learn how to practice mindfulness.


Build Connections

Connection heals. We work to create a sense of family for our transitioning veterans through our peer to peer support network.

Committed to every veteran with mindfulness training and support

Our Methodology

AMP™ - Accelerated Mind Performance

Neuroplasticity is the ability to train and change your brain all the way down to the level of creating new neural pathways within your brain. AMP training is a hybrid of traditional meditation techniques with the latest in neuroplasticity research and methodologies. Get started with our free video series, led by former US Air Force pilot Mark Williams and physical conditioning expert and former powerlifting coach Bill Filter, and learn the tools to upgrade your mind and improve your daily life.

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Individual and Community Impact

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